Thursday, September 27, 2007


Today is Jaylee's first birthday! Jaylee has three teeth, two bottom and one top. She's not walking yet, but that's alright:) She can say "more" and do the sign in sign language. She says "mama" and "dada","hi", and "bye bye". Although these words have all taken a back seat for her new FAVORITE word, "what". Jaylee has been a breeze, she has slept through the night since I brought her home. She is so easy going and has the best temperment. Jaylee is a picker eater, she will not drink any kind of juice and hates fruit. I just barley got her to start eating some apple sauce, I guess she will love her veggies like me:)Jaylee loves giving hugs! She has the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen and these long lashes that curl. There is something so special about her! She has definitely stole my heart. Happy Birthday Jay Bird!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


This weekend I went to Time Out For Women with my two aunts and my mother in law. When I saw that Michael McLean would be the host this year I KNEW I had to go. I have loved his music since I saw my fist Forgotten Carols when I was in high school. Ronnie gets a little annoyed that we listen to Christmas music year round but there is something about his music that just speaks to me. My cousin Jenny took a picture of me and Michael McLean! Cool cool! I saw people from my ward, people from high school, friends and family there!
There was such awesome talent. Great speakers and singers. Jason Deere has written songs for LeAnn Rimes, Jessica Simpson,SheDAISY and Rubberband. This man can sing himself! Jenny Frogley was wonderful! Merrilee Boyack was hilarious! She talked on marraige and lets just say I will be at Deseret bookstore very soon buying both of her books, Strangling Your Husband Is Not An Option and The Parenting Breakthrough. Dean Hughes is married to the prophet President Hinckley's daughter. Can you be apart of that family?
I am SOOOoo glad that I went! I know I was MEANT to be there! I laughed hard and cried hard and feel recharged!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Soup Nazi

At the old stone chapel on main street in Snowflake is a monument. Here is a picture of Faith and Jaylee with my grandpa Merl. They are standing beside my grandpa's grandfather, Jesse N. Smith. Jesse N. Smith helped settle Snowflake and was also a 1st cousin to the prophet Joseph Smith.

Ronnie left last Wednesday to go hunting possibly until the 28th depending on when they get something. That's a total of 16 days! I am only on day 6 and things are going ok so far. This last weekend my family went up to the homestead so the kids and I were able to get out of town for the weekend, which helps the time go by faster. Saturday we spent half of the day in Snowflake. I love this town, it is so steeped with family history (on both my mother and fathers side). I used to spend my summers with my mom there when I was a kid. The second half of the day we spent in Show Low, we had a little lunch picnic (sonic) at the city park and let the kiddos run around. That night we all went to Pinetop and ate at the Pasta House. I had originally heard about this place from Allison and then later from several others. Ronnie and I had tried a couple of times to get in and never could. The owner of the restaurant is just like the Soup Nazi from the sitcom Seinfeld. I am a huge fan of the show and I have even seen Jerry perform his stand up live. Anyhow it was fun to eat there and it was delish too! Wouldn't recommend taking children though. They don't own a highchair so I had to hold Jaylee the entire time. Oh and don't take your cell phone in because she will throw you out, ban you from her restaurant and call the police. No joke. You have to try it! I had a great weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I have my TV room blocked off with gates and child proofed. It was a little too quiet so I went to see what Jaylee was up to. I found her standing in a puddle at the water cooler. (1)she learned how to escape around my gates (2) she now knows about the water cooler and how much fun it can be:)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yesterday was Faiths first day back to preschool. This is her second year going to the same preschool. She loves going and I love that she loves it! Faiths cousin Kiley got to come over and play for a little while before she had to go to kindergarten. After I picked up Faith from preschool we picked up Chance from his school and headed to Gilbert because Faith has dance on Tuesdays. Faith dances with Vanessa Gissel (the best dance teacher in the world for little dancers)! It was a busy but very FUN day yesterday! I love busy fun days!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Thursday we left for "Little Red". Every year on Labor Day weekend Ronnie's family has their annual "Longhurst Family Reunion". They camp-out near Greens Peak which luckily is right around the corner from our little cabin so we don't have to rough it too much. Also my entire family goes to the Homestead which is also right around the corner. We were able to split our time between both places and really had a great weekend. Faith especially, had a blast with ALL of her cute cousins. Even Jaylee enjoyed exploring the outdoors. I got to spend Saturday evening shopping and eating dinner with my little sis who lives in Show Low. Sunday my cousin Chads wife Ashley, (who is an amazing photographer) after several months of trying to coordinate a time that we would both be at the Homestead was able to take our family pictures. I am so excited to see them! Thank you Ashley! Yesterday on the way home I got to stop on the side of the road and buy some roasted green chili's from Hatch New Mexico! Yum yum, cant wait to make and eat homemade green chili this week:)
P.S. Ronnie had the camera and video camera all weekend trying to capture a shot of a record breaking Elk (do you sense the sarcasm) :) I stole the camera and snapped these two pictures before we came home yesterday.