Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

there was Maylees Monster Mash Bash
there was Trunk or Treat
there was pumpkin carving
there was school Halloween parties
my little Indian Princess
my Rock Star
Indian Princess cousins
there was trick or treating with our Michael & McDonald cousins
Aunt Aleia LOVES babies especially wee little pirates!
our traditional Halloween dinner (pumpkins bread bowls and soup)
then back out to Queen creek to trick or treat with our cousins Aydnn & Maylee

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jaylee rides the bus...

After a month of driving the girls to school and walking Jaylee to her class room door and all the crying she braved up and now rides the bus to school with Faith in the mornings. No more tears:)

My baby is 6 years old!

On Sept 27 Jaylee turned six years old. Jaylee had fun celebrating her 6th birthday at peter piper with her cousins. Faith was so cute about Jaylees birthday this year. Faith wanted to spend her very own money to buy Jaylee a dreamlight, so she worked really hard and saved her money and did just that! It made me so happy to see the look on both of thier faces when Jaylee opened her dreamlight:)

Longhurst family reunion labor day weekend 2012

some of the Longhurst cousins
the girls had fun riding uncle Geralds horse
I hadnt been on a horse in years....
fun roasting marshmallows

Faiths 1st day of 4th grade & Jaylees 1st day of Kindergarten!

Faith is a 4th grader!
the girls just had to have these matching shirts to wear on thier 1st day of school
Jaylees 1st day of kindegarten!!
my little baby bird leaving the nest....this broke mine and her heart:(
This was a much anticipated day for everyone. Faith was sooo over the moon that Jaylee was now going to be going to school with her. Jaylee talked about going to kindergarten the entire last year of preschool. Jaylee was soo excited and couldnt wait to be a big kid and go to big kid school like her big sister Faith. As for myself I never thought I would be the type of mom that would be unnerved about her baby starting kindergarten, but I nearly came apart at the seams. Jaylee bawling and clinging to my legs didnt help the matters, but kindergarten is such a milestone and Im so proud of both of my girls!

Capri by the Sea 2012

Faith & Jaylee had fun playing in the sand on the beach
even I had fun playing in the sand