Monday, July 02, 2012

Jaylee's look a like

Jaylee is walking through the store in the toy section when she spots this little girl on the box of a play kitchen and says "hey that looks like me"!. The funny thing is Jaylee happened to be wearing the same shirt. I cant believe how much this little girl looks like Jaylee! They could be twins!

Jaylee the hygienist

I was working in the office when Jaylee came in and said "look mom Im a hygienist"! My first reaction was to immediately take my scrubs off of her because these were DIRTY scrubs that I had worn to work that day (I can only imagine what was on them, nasty) but then my heart melted seeing my little baby standing their so proud and looking so cute in giant scrubs. I just had to have a picture:) Awe....

Jaylee's 5th year of ISR swim lessons

If you havent heard of ISR before its the best investment I have ever made! Check them out HERE

2012 Dance Recital

Last month the girls had their dance recital. I am always so excited and proud to watch them perform. They are both great little dancers!