Thursday, November 23, 2006




Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today we had some of my family at our house for Thanksgiving (about 16 people). I made deviled eggs, cucumber and tomatoe salad, and homemade mashed potatoes. My uncle David brought a turkey that was cooked in a pit and it was the best turkey I have ever tasted (notice I said tasted). I don't eat meat but im not a vegitarian. We also had Ronnie's wild turkey that he shot while hunting, Chris deep fried it for us. It looked funny but tasted ok. After we ate some of us road our four wheelers out in the desert behind our house. Later in the evening we went to Ronnie's parents house and visited. It was a nice thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ok so I'm out there making a bad name for all of us women drivers. Sunday night we had some family over for a BBQ. We ran out of butter so I went over to borrow some from my grandparents. I got in my tahoe and opened the garage and backed right into my mother in laws car. My hitch put a big fat hole in her bumper. Pretty sad because my truck beeps at me when Im about to hit something. In my defense I have to say that our drive slopes and the sensor is above the hitch which is responsible for the hole. My last accident was in May about two weeks after I got my new tahoe. I was driving around trying to get Faith to sleep when I ran my front left side into a SMALL irrigation canal. They really need to make front sensors too. The accident before that was 10 years ago when I ran a two way stop sign and hit another car and totaled my truck on the way to a party (I was 17). Then the accident before that was the day after my 16th birthday when I smashed into the car at the pump in front of me at the gas station. Im not due for another accident for the next 10 years. On a more serious note, I felt terrible about hitting Lydia's car and was scared to death to walk back into my house to tell them. Ronnie took the news worse than anyone. Of course we will be fixing the car too.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last weekend was Ronnie's 28th birthday. We really didn't do much because I am nursing and can't leave Jaylee for very long. Saturday night we had some of our friends over to watch the ultimate fighter finale so we had some chocolate cake and sang happy birthday. The picture above is from Ronnie's actual birthday wich was on the 12th. I made Ronnie his favorite birthday cake (and mine) cheesecake and we BBQ'd hamburgers at Ron and Lydia's. Ronnie got birthday money from his mom and dad and from grandpa Merl and grandma Nett. I bought him a book and some things for our cabin. Ronnie's favorite gift this year was our sweet new nephew Brody, who was born on his birthday. I have a cool picture of them in the hospital that I'll post later. It's hard to believe how old we are getting. I have loved Ronnie ( well for the most part :) ) for the last 15 years. I really can say that I've watched him grow up, although some days I have to wonder :) .