Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last weekend was Ronnie's 28th birthday. We really didn't do much because I am nursing and can't leave Jaylee for very long. Saturday night we had some of our friends over to watch the ultimate fighter finale so we had some chocolate cake and sang happy birthday. The picture above is from Ronnie's actual birthday wich was on the 12th. I made Ronnie his favorite birthday cake (and mine) cheesecake and we BBQ'd hamburgers at Ron and Lydia's. Ronnie got birthday money from his mom and dad and from grandpa Merl and grandma Nett. I bought him a book and some things for our cabin. Ronnie's favorite gift this year was our sweet new nephew Brody, who was born on his birthday. I have a cool picture of them in the hospital that I'll post later. It's hard to believe how old we are getting. I have loved Ronnie ( well for the most part :) ) for the last 15 years. I really can say that I've watched him grow up, although some days I have to wonder :) .


Christopher 'n' Bailey said...

That is a cute picture! I'm glad we could give Ronnie a good birthday present! (It sure will cost us a lot!!)

Ron Michael Family said...

Hey, I have loved Ronnie too, for the past 28 years (plus 9 months).
I love watching him with Faith. Tonight they were having so much fun as he was giving her horsey rides on his back. I remember his dad doing the same thing to him. The years fly by so quick. So, enjoy your little ones before they are grown up too.