Saturday, January 31, 2009

my Valentine

above: FRONT below: BACK

this year my lil' Valentine will be forgoing the Dora valentines and helping her mama with a little free advertising {wink, wink}.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

weekend up north

We decided to take advantage of Faith having the day off of school yesterday and we went up north for an extra long weekend. The girls had fun playing in the snow and of course I had a great time playing with my camera;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jaylee's first haircut

I finally got sick of Jaylee sporting a nasty mullet. Aunt Bailey was kind enough to give Jaylee her first haircut.

Faiths first art class

Last week Faith started taking an art class from a lady in our ward who is an amazing artist. Faith was so proud of her pictures! I hope I didn't burst her bubble when I told her that she drew an awesome elephant...she was quick to inform me that "its a rhino not an elephant";)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Eve


Ronnie & Skyler were really proud of their homemade pizza

the chocolate fountain

guitar hero

I caught Ronnie & Jesse in the toy room rocking Faiths karaoke machine

Ronnie having fun with the noise makers (hey, it was late)

This picture and the one above is of my cousins little DOO-DAH! I had to add this cute pic in from her photosession that we did earlier that day. To see more cute pics from her shoot check out my photography blog here.

some of the couples ringing in the new year!

we ended the celebrations around 2:00am which was way too late for some of us;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!


The day after Christmas Ronnie and Faith flew to Utah along with Ronnie's mom and dad. Despite my insane fear of flying I was just about to hop the plane too but Jaylee started throwing up Christmas day. What would be worth me getting on an airplane? My three nieces were finally able to come home from Haiti! Ronnie's sister has been trying to adopt their three girls for the last three years, their faith finally paid off! Heather and her husband are pretty amazing...they share their love with their 10 children. Ronnie and Faith also got to meet our new niece Gracie who was born in October. Ronnie was good about sending pictures from his phone to mine the entire 5 days they were gone. It really helped me feel like I was there too!