Thursday, July 26, 2007


Call me crazy....another post about music...but I cant help it. I was driving home alone tonight (which means I can blast my radio) and this song came on. I came home and played it for Ronnie and asked him what it reminded him of? And we both agreed... THANK YOU RON & LYDIA and CHRIS & BAILEY for all your SUPPORT with our business endeavors! This song is for you

Friday, July 20, 2007


My Junior and Senior year I started to rebel against my parents and my church. I was wild and participating in things that absolutely were against everything I had been taught. Looking back now I realize I wasn't only rebellious in my actions but also in my heart and without any particular cause. Towards the end of my senior year I really started to slip into a deep depression. I attribute this to the lack of the holly ghost and also immense guilt.
During this time In my life I really started to pray. I prayed for months and months for some relief from my depression and guilt. One day I had stayed home from school and I was home alone. I was in my bed and praying harder than I had ever prayed in my entire life. I felt hopeless and I was doubting that there was any value to my life. I can honestly say that this was one of the three darkest days of my life. Then an answer to my prayers came. There was a knock on my door. When I answered the door there stood my bishop (bishop Flaherty). He explained to me that he had passed by my house on the way to his own home and that something had told him to turn his car around and knock on our door. He said that he felt funny and didn't know why he was there, but there he was. Wow. I just stood there in tears and disbelief for a minute. I asked him to come in and I explained how I had been feeling for the last several months. I told him that when he knocked on my door I had been praying for any reason at all to keeping living.
I have always heard how people have there own personal confirmation of the scriptures or of their testimonies. I never believed I could be worthy of one of my own especially during that time in my life, nor was I looking for any confirmations. That day I gained an undeniable testimony of the power of prayer. I learned that Heavenly Father hears prayers, any ones and every ones and does answer them. I also gained a testimony of our church leaders. Had my bishop not been in tune with the spirit and inspired to knock on my door that day, I would have forever missed out on this vital testimony. Not only did I gain those two important confirmations, through my bishops help I was able to put my life back in the right direction.
In the last ten years prayer has seen me through some extremely tough trials in my life. Sometimes the answer to my prayers are not as obvious as my bishop knocking on my front door but my personal testimony of prayer always reminds me that my heavenly father is listening.
When Ashleigh tagged me I thought and thought about a cute or funny story and I just couldn't think of any that I hadn't already shared or that were worth sharing. I hesitated to share this story only because I wouldn't want to take away the reverence in it by posting it on my blog. However now that I am done writing about it I am glad. Ronnie and I are making some crucial decisions with his landscaping company right now and I really needed this reminder. Thank you for letting me share. I tag Bailey & Lydia. Check Ashleigh's blog for directions

Sunday, July 15, 2007

BIG party at "Little Red"

Aunt Coleen crawling into the entrance of Harris Caves

intire group after exploring the caves...and yes the dog went in too

bet you didn't know Faith had a big sister! Faith & (twin cousin) Sadie at the Homestead. Enlarge picture, too crazy

Uncle Chris teaching Faith how to ride a REAL 4 wheeler all by herself

Faith having a blast..... mom having anxiety attack

Chance, Me, Jaylee, Faith & Aunt Coleen

Jaylee playing with butterfly

Ronnie loving on Faith before we sent her back home with Aunt Coleen a day early because she was sick:(

What a fun weekend! We left Thursday night with our four nephews who live in Utah for "Little Red". We went up for Ronnie's cousins wedding reception in Show Low Friday night. Saturday was such a blast. There was 30 of us (all family) who met at "Little Red" to ride 4 wheelers. We road to Harris Caves which was only about 5 minutes away from our cabin. Harris Caves are actually underground taverns. You have to crawl through a little space and then eventually it opened up into a big muddy underground cave. Most everyone went in (not me) and had a great time. Later that night we went to Show Low for a fun double date with Gerald and Allison (and Jason). We ate Japanese food and went to the movies. We saw License to Wed. I laughed too hard it was too funny! Thanks for the babysitter guys and the great night out!

P.S. Just had to add...I love this song, it just describes how we feel about our life. Every time we leave our little slice of heaven we just come home so grateful for everything we have. Including our family and great friends. I really appreciate all of you who are so wonderful to our kids. Thanks Penny, Whitney & Shane for treating my kids like your own fam. To Uncle Chris and Aunt Bailey and to my Aunt for bringing Faith home and aiding her! Thanks to my little sis for saving our lives Thursday night! Thanks we really are lucky!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random Cali Pics

Back to the real world....Well we got home Sunday evening and I was hit with a blast of reality when I stepped out of my Tahoe and my feet and legs started burning from the heat off the asphalt. It has been none stop since then, with family birthday parties, doctors appointments, dirty cloths and unpacking. Thank you grandma and Aunt Coleen for coming over Sunday night and helping me hang up cloths for several hours!I am so grateful that we were able to vacation for so long in San Diego this summer. Ronnie works so hard, long and late hours in our home office that it was WONDERFUL to spend so much time together. Faith will surely miss all the time together and Jaylee went from crying when Ronnie picked her up to crying when he doesnt pick her up. We had such a great time that we rented our condo for a month again next June. I sure will miss eating french fries at the fry shop, rolled tacos at Taco Surf, the beach and playing in the sand with my feet. The way I look at it is this...I only have to live here 11 more months.