Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random Cali Pics

Back to the real world....Well we got home Sunday evening and I was hit with a blast of reality when I stepped out of my Tahoe and my feet and legs started burning from the heat off the asphalt. It has been none stop since then, with family birthday parties, doctors appointments, dirty cloths and unpacking. Thank you grandma and Aunt Coleen for coming over Sunday night and helping me hang up cloths for several hours!I am so grateful that we were able to vacation for so long in San Diego this summer. Ronnie works so hard, long and late hours in our home office that it was WONDERFUL to spend so much time together. Faith will surely miss all the time together and Jaylee went from crying when Ronnie picked her up to crying when he doesnt pick her up. We had such a great time that we rented our condo for a month again next June. I sure will miss eating french fries at the fry shop, rolled tacos at Taco Surf, the beach and playing in the sand with my feet. The way I look at it is this...I only have to live here 11 more months.


McDonald Family said...

That's a great way to look at it, "I only have to live here 11 more months." :):):) I am soooo excited for next June. I love California! It was so much fun spending time with everyone. See you this weekend. How about we hit Baci's while I am there!:)


Baci's for sure and also Oregano's too!

Brittney, Scott & Libby said...

oh, aleia, i love that song!
i remember it as a kid, my parents were going out of town and i was crying, and this song was playing, weird how music can bring you back.
anyway, first things first, jaylee's swimsuit and hat is the CUTEST ever, where did you get such a cute ensemble?
next, welcome back to the blistering heat. maybe next summer we can go out to cali in june and spend a day with you guys! i would love that.
thats awesome you already reserved it for the month.
and per your comment on my blog, i totally forgot you did red in the girls rooms, yah, i get weird responses from people when they hear red, but it looks so cute, especially with the bead board, thats what makes it.
thats cute that jaylee loves ronnie so much after the trip, and that he got to spend so much time with your girls. what a great memory for your family.
happy 4th of july:)

*Katie May* said...

Jaylee is sooo cute! I love the pic with Ronnie and the girls. Welcome back!

Amber said...

How fun. Welcome back to this heat. It seems hotter this year than before or maybe I just forget every year. Where do you guys rent the beach house? We want to look into that. Email me the info if you get a chance. Jaylee looks so cute in her swimsuit and matching hat. Wish I would have gotten Sofie that hat too!


Hi Brittney,
I know what you mean about music it does the same for me. That would be cool if you guys came for a visit. Scott could probably take us to some great places since he lived in Cali before. I found Jaylee's swimsuit as baby gap. Don't you just love baby cloths. They look like big people cloths just really tiny.(that sounded intelligent):)

Bo Brooke Jer & Ky said...

Happy Fourth! I'm adding you on my blog. Your pictures are soooo cute. That one of Ronnie and the girls, Bo and I were dying over it. It is the sweetest. Nothing like a daddy daughter bond! I love that song leaving on a jet plane you have on your playlist. Be safe coming home. Have a great holiday today!

Josh n' Meagan said...

I love that picture of Jaylee. Her hat is so adorable!

Chelsea said...

Hi Aleia! I just wanted to say your girls are so stinkin cute, Faith is such a good combo of you & ronnie, and Jaylee is all you, and I LOVE their cute swimsuits! you are so lucky to have girls to dress!

Chelsea said...

I saw your comment about Baci's and I had to ask is that the place in the middle of nowhere on Power and Williams Field?? I have ALWAYS wondered if its any good, but I could never convince Jeremy to take a risk! and some of my customers (from my past life as a banker) owned Baci's. Just curious! :)

Jason Brittany and Bentley said...

Is Baci's good? I have always wondered. Anyway...the cutest pics ever! I love the one with Ronnie, Faith, and Jaylee, it is so precious. Glad your home safe and glad you guys had fun :)


Hi Chelsea,
I didn't know you were a banker? I worked at Chase for 8 years.

Brittany & Chelsea,
I get really excited about EATING & TALKING about food!
Baci means "kiss" in Italian. I cant remember the name of it before it was Baci but we used to go there during lunch before they made Highland a closed campus.
Anyways its a small little Italian restaurant and you can usually find the owners whole family working and cooking there.They have super nice Italian hospitality (probably because they are Italian):) You might wait a while for your food because everything is made from scratch.
Personally i'm not a big Italian food lover but I LOVE LOVE LOVE their fettuccine alfredo(without the chicken). It cant compare to other places because its authentic.
I haven't tried anything else there but Ronnie really likes their calamari(fried squid) and their "chocolate sin" for dessert.
You gotta try it, yummy!

Jason Brittany and Bentley said...

That sounds soooo yummy! I love Italian. Also, I worked at two different banks for 3 years. How funny...we were all bankers before we were moms :) We should do a double date there one time, Jason would love to see Ronnie.