Sunday, July 15, 2007

BIG party at "Little Red"

Aunt Coleen crawling into the entrance of Harris Caves

intire group after exploring the caves...and yes the dog went in too

bet you didn't know Faith had a big sister! Faith & (twin cousin) Sadie at the Homestead. Enlarge picture, too crazy

Uncle Chris teaching Faith how to ride a REAL 4 wheeler all by herself

Faith having a blast..... mom having anxiety attack

Chance, Me, Jaylee, Faith & Aunt Coleen

Jaylee playing with butterfly

Ronnie loving on Faith before we sent her back home with Aunt Coleen a day early because she was sick:(

What a fun weekend! We left Thursday night with our four nephews who live in Utah for "Little Red". We went up for Ronnie's cousins wedding reception in Show Low Friday night. Saturday was such a blast. There was 30 of us (all family) who met at "Little Red" to ride 4 wheelers. We road to Harris Caves which was only about 5 minutes away from our cabin. Harris Caves are actually underground taverns. You have to crawl through a little space and then eventually it opened up into a big muddy underground cave. Most everyone went in (not me) and had a great time. Later that night we went to Show Low for a fun double date with Gerald and Allison (and Jason). We ate Japanese food and went to the movies. We saw License to Wed. I laughed too hard it was too funny! Thanks for the babysitter guys and the great night out!

P.S. Just had to add...I love this song, it just describes how we feel about our life. Every time we leave our little slice of heaven we just come home so grateful for everything we have. Including our family and great friends. I really appreciate all of you who are so wonderful to our kids. Thanks Penny, Whitney & Shane for treating my kids like your own fam. To Uncle Chris and Aunt Bailey and to my Aunt for bringing Faith home and aiding her! Thanks to my little sis for saving our lives Thursday night! Thanks we really are lucky!


bailey lauren said...

Thanks for the double chin picture, I really appreciate it! It was a great weekend!


Hi Bailey,
I always worry about putting pictures of other people on my blog in fear that they may decide to put a not so flattering photo of me on theirs. However, you never look bad in any of your pictures:)

bailey lauren said...

I'm cool with it. Everyone's got double chins...hehe. Do you want to do lunch tomorrow before swim lessons?

Josh n' Meagan said...

Harris cave is so fun. Glad you guys have such a good time!


For sure, what are you hungry for?

*Katie May* said...

Looks like a fun mess! That IS crazy about faith and her older twin

McDonald Family said...

I love the picture of Ronnie and Faith towards the bottom and that cousin is Faith's twin!!! CRAZY!

Sariah,Chief Editor said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time! Allison looks like she had the most fun!:) That is a sweet picture of Ronnie with Faith.

Brittney, Scott & Libby said...

how fun for you guys.
i wish we had such an active family like yours! i cant believe that picture of faith and her twin cousin!!! its so weird that they look so alike!! who's kid is she?? i gotta show scott that pict.
sounds like you are having an awesome summer with your families, and getting out of the heat too. lucky! cute pictures. and yes scott is awfully handy, i know you never did get to see our new house, although its been one year we have been here this july... maybe next baby you will come, lol.

Ron Michael Family said...

Looks like you all so much fun. Thanks for taking Heather's four boys up Thursday and letting them have a great time. I wish they and all of us could have been there Saturday too. Looks like fun!

jill said...

i don't know if you remember me or not...but this is jill riggs [now scripps]! we used to be in the same ward and carpool together...haha.

it was so fun to find your blog! your girls are adorable!


Pace & Gwen said...

Aleia, those pictures are great!Ashleigh said it was muddy, but wow! Your daughters are CUTE! And that twin cousin, crazy... Your posts are always great. We may go to Show Low this Saturday. Mom's getting the "McDonald" house painted - a moment to savor!

Heidi said...

How fun! Harris Caves- is that by Show Low? I will have to go try those out some time. Your pics are so cute!

Anthon & Ashleigh said...

It was a lot of fun! It's been a while since I've got to hang out with you & I had a great time! PS- I tagged you! Check out my blog for details!


Hi Guys!

Brittney-the little girl belongs to my cousin Jenny. Isn't she cute. hehe

Hi Jill- so cool that you found my blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. I love to hear what my old friends are up to. I will be checking out your blog for sure!

Gwen- we might be seeing you in Show Low tomorrow we are still contemplating whether we should go up there or not. This weekend is such a fun weekend in Snowflake with all the pioneers celebrations going on. Have a great time!

Heidi- Harris Caves are right by Vernon. Let me know if you go and I can give you more detailed directions.