Wednesday, November 23, 2011

light at the end of the tunnel.....

Carrington College graduation (where I earned my associates of science degree)


my girls....MY INSPIRATION!!!

my Farr family

me and my bro Jay

my Michael family

me and some of my BFF's

Finally two years later and im officially graduated from Carrington College and Dental Hygiene School. I swear Ive aged 10+ years and gained 10+ lbs! I knew it was going to be hard going back to school and taking care of my family but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was like having three full time jobs, school, family, and studying. I could not have made it without the support of my family and friends. My litte sister Rachelle literally raised Faith and Jaylee for the last two years. With out her this would have been nearly impossible. Thank you to my friends/neighbors/ward members who helped me out. Tiffany I want you to know how much your thoughtful letter in the mail, notes, and goodies at my door have meant to me! I swear yours and Heidi's treats have been the only home baked goodies my kids have had in the last two years! No joke. Heidi thank you soooo much for helping me out with giving Faith rides to school before the bus came along. I really had NO way of getting her to school half of the time, and for the goodies, and for the secret santa;) Also please tell Brandon how grateful I am to him and the other boys from the ward who came out and helped support me in our golf fundraiser! Alicia thank you so much for taking Faith to and from activity days. Its close to all the religion Faith has had in the last two years and im so grateful to you!I have grown so much. I can honestly say that I have changed for the better. Going back to school has been very liberating and rewarding. Something I definitely want my girls to take as an example and finish their education early on in life. I also was so privileged to share my journey with the best group of girls and guy! My classmates have been a great support system and I have made LIFE LONG friends! In the next few weeks I will be taking my national written exam and then flying to LA to take my national clinical exam. If all goes well the first time around I will be licensed within the next few months:)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

this year Jaylee was a bumble bee and Faith was a love bug......

the girls had fun trick or treating with all of their cousins.....

we had our traditional pumpkin bread bowls with potatoe soup.....

this year I tried making cake pops for the first time......

pumpkin festival 2011

its seem like we always make it to the pumpkin festival every year.... this year the girls had fun getting their faces painted, riding the hay ride and other rides, goofy golfing, seeing "reindeer", eating corn on the cob, chilli, and hot dogs, pumkin pie and cookies, making candles, and riding the haunted train ride.