Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last weekend we went to "Little Red" with my Aunt Coleen and two of her kids, Mariah and Chance. Ronnie and my brother Jay went up on Thursday and we met them up there on Friday. The first night we got there Ronnie got stuck five times in the snow trying to meet us in Show Low. It was storming that night so we got a Hotel. Our room was so cold that at 10:30 that night Ronnie and I drove up to Wal Mart to buy a floor heater. On our way there we slid on some ice and crashed into a curb pretty hard. I was greatful that Ronnie was driving. As you all know my driving record hasnt been so great lately. Saturday we finally made it to "Little Red". It was the first time I have ever slept there and it was actually really warm dispite the hole in the cabin from the wood pecker. The kids had fun playing in the snow and sledding. I even had a really good time:) You can tell from the picture above that Jaylee also enjoyed herself or maybe its just because she loves her GREAT Aunt Coleen. For those of you who dont know my Aunt Coleen, she isnt just my aunt she has been a mother figure to me as well as a sister and best friend. My Aunt is beautiful inside and out, she's strong, brave, a provider, and a great mother. I can only hope to be half as wonderful as she is.


McDonald Family said...

This is such a cute picture. Was it taken inside the Red Cabin?

Finch Family said...

I'm excited for you guys to have "Little Red". You will have so many fun memories.