Monday, April 23, 2007


Ok so I thought it would be fun to share some things about Ronnie that you may or may not already know....

*Ronnie is a real comedian, at least he thinks so
*He drives way too fast and once recked his truck into a tree while driving on a mountain dirt road eating biscuits and gravy
*Ronnie is really good at math and always has to help me with my spelling
*Ronnie can bake the best cookies in the whole world
*Ronnie brushes his teeth for 20 min every morning
*Ronnie thinks he is Celine Dion and we get in more fights on road trips over his singing
*Ronnie is an excellent back rubber
*Ronnie owns and wears a cowboy hat (in public)
*Ronnie is a retired cage fighter
*Ronnie has received his EMT (emergency medical technician)
*Ronnie is an entrepreneur and started his own landscaping company four years ago with our own personal lawn mower in the trunk of his 79 Chevy Malibu. Today he has 30 employees
*Ronnie loves Johnny Cash
*Ronnie is drop dead gorgeous with hair (he says he shaves his head because he's "allergic to it") and he really means it
*Ronnie buys me EVERYTHING on my Christmas list
*Ronnie never answers his cell phone
*Ronnie plays the lottery and thinks every ticket is the winner
*Ronnie is always late
*Ronnie is afraid of dogs (especially schnauzers) oh and don't mention aliens
*Ronnie will race me to the door to see our girls first (after a night out alone)
*Ronnie loves hunting (anything)
*Ronnie is every ones best friend (just ask anyone)

Feel free to embarrass your own husband:)


Sariah,Chief Editor said...

Soo sweet Aleia! That was fun. You have a great guy!

Amber said...

Sounds like you have an awesome husband. Especially the Christmas List thing. I think I would be planning that out all year! That's awesome. I hate to admit but I'm still a little scared of him from high school:)

Christopher Michael Family said...

Okay, so that was so cute! I loved it! I might have to use your idea!

*Katie May* said...

Learn something new everyday

Ron Michael Family said...

OK, that was sweet and fun. So true! Ronnie is a lucky guy to have you and we are too!!!

Rogers Bunch said...

That was really sweet! Oh, and don't forget....Ronnie loves to pass really bad gas in the movie theater!