Saturday, June 16, 2007

MY Family Comes To Visit

Chance & Faith and their sand Sea Turtle

Ronnie's giant shell

Mariah, Chance, Faith & Jaylee dressed like pioneers at the Mormon Battalion

Every summer we come to Capri here in San Diego with Ronnie's family and his extended family probably 50+ people. Finally after all the years of coming and trying to talk my family into coming out too they finally did. They came for a short weekend trip. We had a lot of fun in one day. Faith had fun on the beach with her cousin Chance. While we were all in the ocean looking for sea shells to decorate their sea turtle's shell, Ronnie found a huge shell. Later we made my brave Aunt Coleen pry it open to see if there was a pearl inside. There wasn't, bummer. Later that evening we went to visit the Mormon Battalion in Old Town San Diego and then we ate yummy mexican food there. After that we drove to see the San Diego Temple. There is nothing like seeing this temple at night, my picture doesn't do it any justice either. It was a fun visit thanks for coming guys!


*Katie May* said...

Looks like fun! What are the gloves for? Protection? :)

Heidi said...

Looks like so much fun! 2 more days and we will be there, I can't wait. I love the San Diego temple, it is Beautiful!!

Brittney, Scott & Libby said...

How fun for you guys!
you are really livin it up doing all the sight seeing arent you?
how nice it is to be able to stay somewhere long enough to do the things you wouldnt normally have time for.
the kids look way too cute in their dress up clothes at the mormom batallion! hilarious.
thats a pretty great picture of the temple.. i am sure its more beautiful in person!

Jason Brittany and Bentley said...

Don't you love the San Diego is soooo pretty! That Mormon Battalion thing is neat, Jason and I went there last year with my family too. Anyway, I love the Sea Turtle pic, your girls are too cute! Have fun!!!

Coleen said...

It was sooooooo much fun!!! Thanks for a GREAT TIME! Short, but definately worth it! Love you guys, Auntie C