Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pay It Forward

Friday night Ronnie, the kids, & I ate dinner at San Tan Flats with my aunt and my grandparents. I have been there once before but only inside. This time we ate outside & it is the coolest place! It has a stage with a live band and little fire pits all around where kids were roasting marshmallows. Now that the weather has cooled off I can see us eating there a lot!
Saturday while checking out at Costco I found out that my membership card was expired. That was an ordeal, trying to get a manager to let me go ahead & make my purchase. I went straight from Costco to Walmart for some more groceries. After walmart I pulled into the chickfila drive through, after sitting there forever I decided to drive to the chickfila on Power & Ray instead. Once I got to the window to pay I couldn't find my wallet. Yep, I left it at Walmart, the worst place in the world to loose your wallet. I drove insanely fast back to walmart, running a red arrow & turning right on a, no turn on red, all the while thinking about my debit card, our business credit card and gas card, temple recommend, gift cards to Dillard's and Express a receipt to BabiesRus for a expensive return I haven't made yet, how Ronnie was going to tease whole life seams to be in my wallet. I pealed into the parking lot where I found my shopping cart right where I had left it but NO wallet. I jumped back into my Tahoe & pealed into a handicapped space. As I was looking at the $100 fine & the handicap sign I thought "I am the last person who deserves to get my wallet back." I grabbed Faith & sprinted into walmart. Somebody had turned my wallet in! I really think that had my wallet not been there I would have burst into tears. Immediately I wished they could announce over the loud speaker a BIG THANK YOU from me. Unfortunately they don't do things like that. I will never be able to thank that person but I can PAY IT FORWARD by being honest myself and serving others.
It turned out to be a great Saturday because after that Ronnie & I got to go on a well OVERDUE date. I cant remember the last time we went out but I know it was sometime before May. I had my first babysitter ever! A girl in our ward watched our kids while we went to dinner & a movie. I was so nervous (hence why I have never had a sitter over before) I only called her three times in the 4 1/2 hours that we were gone. I don't know what I was worried about because Faith had a blast & Jaylee was sound asleep when we got home. Ronnie & I saw Game Plan, it was such a funny movie & fun to watch the ROCK, hehe:)
Conference weekends are always special too! I remember as a kid I thought conference was SOOoo boring but now as an adult I sincerely enjoy the talks, they are so uplifting. There is also something about hearing conference throughout the house & smelling something good baking in the oven that reminds me of being a kid & I love recreating it in my own home. After conference today I had my family over for dinner.
A crazy but lovely weekend at home.

P.S. I got the coolest pumpkins at Sprouts this weekend. I call them "vintage pumpkins" and I cant wait to decorate with them!


Life Is Beautiful said...

First of all....You are so LUCKY!!!! I agree, worst place to loose a wallet, and that is so great someone was honest and turned it in. Loosing your wallet is the worst feeling...I hate that, when your stomache drops. Second of all...Jason and I LOVE San Tan flats! We have been there twice and it is the funnest place! I think we should definetley go together with the kiddos! Third of all, I think it is great you got a babysitter :) I am still so scared to because Bentley is only 5 months, but I know I need to. It is so important to go on dates sometimes and have ALONE time! Glad your weekend turned out to be a good one and you had fun :)

*Matie Kay* said...

Wow that is awesome. I am glad there are still a few good people in the world

Brittney said...

wow, you are SO lucky, i know, i think about what if i lost my wallet, i carry so many receipts, gift cards etc... i would be devastated! you lucky girl, whoever turned it in will have a good karma and thats prbly good enough for them... we (me and some neighbor-girls, scott stayed home with libby) went to san tan flats on friday night too! how funny, i hate smelling like camp fire though, but i love to be around the fire, it just gets soaked in my hair, but its fun to go, and watch the people dance on the dance floor, this was the 3rd time i have been. oh, those pumpkins are adorable! get some fall picts with your girls holding them, they are too cute!

Shannon said...

I am so glad you were able to get your wallet back. That was such a relief I am sure. It is a good thing that some people are honest out and that the Walmart associate was honest also to not steal anything from your wallet. Glad you and Ronnie were able to go on a date. I too am afraid to get a babysitter. But Byron and I are in much need of some alone time. The only time we have gone on a date is for our birthday's.

McDonald Clan said...

Sorry about the wallet scare! I'm sure that was a very stressful moment! The same thing has happened to me before and someone turned it in. Thank goodness for honest people! I LOVE the vintage pumpkins!:)

M said...

What an awesome story...oh and I love those pumpkins too! I might have to go get me some. - meagan