Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day weekend 2009

I'm sure this is when Ronnie wished he had a son;) haha. Ronnie had to hold both girls while they relieved themselves at the top of salt river canyon road.

as soon as we hit the mountains Faith and Jaylee know that they get to help their dad drive

hey...its ok to be WT once in a while;)

yummy popcorn from Whiting gas station in St Johns after we left the cemetery from visiting and cleaning my dads and other loved ones graves

we had to sport our jackets and rain gear all weekend but we had a blast anyways!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faith graduates from kindergarten

Faith and Miss Arnold

yes...Faith is still sporting her black eye

Ronnie and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary the same day as Faiths kindergarten graduation last week. WHOOT WHOOT! I have to admit that I have been counting down the days until the last day of school, looking forward to the summer break. However, it hit me during her graduation ceremony that my baby is growing up and for the next 12 years she will spend her days at school and minimal time with me:( I'M sure by the end of the summer I will be praying for school to start but for now I'm going to enjoy late night cartoons and mac & cheese with my kiddos for the next couple of months.

Monday, May 18, 2009

ISR swim lessons

Jaylee just finished her ISR swim lessons. I think everybody should consider this is SO worth it! Check it out here

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Faith gets a shiner

the difference between day 1 and day 3

Faith got into a nasty fight with the tile in our house and lost;)

my sneaky baby...

Its been a while since I last found Jaylee swimming in the sink. I thought she had out grown the playing in the sink phase...wont be long before she cant fit in the sink anymore:(

Ronnie's elk horns

Ronnie found all of these elk horns while he was turkey hunting last week. Last night Ronnie and I switched vehicles, he made me promise that I wouldn't forget to lock his truck because all of his horns were in there! I just have to laugh:)