Sunday, April 15, 2012

Faith turned 9 on march 7th

celebrated at Peter Piper with her cousins

this year Faith got a big girl bike (beach cruiser)

Faith's 3rd grade school picture

Where to start with Faith..... oh my goodness is she really 9 because she thinks she is 19!?! I apologise in advance if Faith finds your phone number and begins to call you several times a day. Recently Faith got her very own cell phone. Hard to believe considering I think it is absolutley ridiculous for children to have a cell phone. However, after I saw how quickly she was motivated to clean up her disastrous toy room in hopes of proving she could earn her cell phone, I had a light bulb moment. So needless to say she has a cell phone and I now have a way to leverage good and bad behavior;)Faith is definitely a pistol but she is also my sensitve little girl who misses out on over night slumber parties because she cant handle being away from me. Jaylee sure does look up to Faith and they are the bestest friends and enemies. lol. Faith is super smart and has never missed a grading period of being on the honor roll. Faith loves to read and always has her nose in a book. She is always coming home with SPECTACULAR notes from school. Faith loves to sing and dance and is turning out to be an amazing little ballerina! In January Faith started paino lessons and its so fun to watch her love of music grow. I love to hear her clunking away on the piano (most of the time). Right now Faith is begging to take voice lessons, but I think when Faith grows up she will probably be a school teacher. She can play school teacher for hours on end. Oh Faithy... Happy Birthday baby!

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