Monday, March 19, 2007


"Little Red" is better than ever.If I would have posted this on April Fools day nobody would have believed me. When I pulled my own blog up it made me want to cry. Sorry guys:) The real story of the picture though...we were driving on the ranger yesterday back deep in the woods (there were no roads) by Kitchen Springs we ran into this old cabin. I snapped the picture and when I looked at it I couldnt believe it looked ALMOST identical to "little red". We had a fun weekend the weather was beautiful.


Ron Michael Family said...

I'm glad you came clean!!! When I saw it...I thought what??? Ronnie would of called us right away and so I looked back at other pictures and I could see the trees were smaller and the tin from the roof was to big. I'm glad it wasn't are stinkers though!!!

*Katie May* said...


Shannon said...

Well at least little red it still alive and standing even if you did try to trick us. It was a clever joke.