Friday, March 02, 2007

Here is the test if you would like to take it! What Breed of dog are you?

Aleia you are a Pekingese

No bones about it, you're a trendy, A-list Pekingese. Classy and fashionable, you love to be admired. Sure, that means you can be a bit high-maintenance at times, but you're worth it, right? You shine brightest in the company of other chic, well-groomed doggies like yourself — as long as they don't steal your thunder. Full of more gossip than Entertainment Tonight, you're always up on all the latest news. You're somewhat untouchable, a definite trend-setter, and can be a smidge intimidating. You're the Ivana (or Donald) Trump of dogs. Everyone (everyone who's anyone, that is) knows that. In a word, woof.

I decided to take Heathers dog breed test and here where my results, Im not so sure that Im a Pekingese?


Christopher 'n' Bailey said...

I think that those little tests were so fun!

Anthon & Ashleigh said...

I think it fits you! You're really cute & fashionable... I ALWAYS love your clothes & hair!