Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's late and I cant get Zrii out of my mind... maybe after this post I will be able to get some ZZZzzz! I am NOT a sales person, I barley get the nerve to muster up a hello to my neighbors. On one of my posts like a year back I said if I could change something about me it would be, not to be so shy. So, this post is for all the people I know and CARE about!
Two things (in order):

1. If you want to be healthy OR
2. If you want to make money

email me

oh and about the email address... I do not think I am a princess:) My nick name in highschool was princess Leia (from starwars) but it was taken

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Williams 3 said...

sure we believe you not thinking you are a princess... lol. i know what you mean, scott is always saying, SELL THIS STUFF,(i considered puting it on my blog too) but I am not a sales"y" person, and cant do it. its a big commitment, but if you stick with it, i know its a good thing to be a part of... people are always so skeptical. good luck!