Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Faith goes to 3rd grade

Last month Faith started 3rd grade. To see the summer end was bitter sweet. SWEET in the fact that Faith is a little tornado and while I was at school Faith found creative and crafty ways to keep her and Jaylee entertained. So the start of a new school year means a cleaner house for me:) BITTER in the fact that Faith HATES to wake up in the morning! Yes my child stays up too late but honestly it doesnt matter what time I put her to bed, mornings are a nightmare at our house! Faith is definitely one of my life challenges. But then I find little videos like these on my camera and I swear my heart could explode, I love this little girl so much! Faith has a little friend named Anna Graceman (you may have heard of her she is a contestant on Americas Got Talent right now, so be sure to vote for her)who has inspired my little Faith to want to be a "superstar"! LOL! You might find it hard to believe but I cant even get Faith to take a picture for me so to find her little videos is to die for funny! For those of you who know Faith im sure you would agree... these videos are SOoo her:)lol!


Anthon and Ashleigh Perkins said...

Oh my gosh, those videos are hysterical!!! & she is so beautiful... I'm sure she'll make it big some day ;)

*Katie May* said...

Those videos are priceless!

bailey michael said...

oh faithy, that second video is awesome, she will love that when she's older!

bailey michael said...

I loved it!!!! Faith you are so awesome! The videos are priceless!

Lydia said...

That last comment under Bailey's name was actually Grandma's. Bailey must have used my computer and didn't log out. Oops! I still loved it Faith!

The Laraways said...

Baaahahahaha! Faith would kill you if she knew you put those up! SO FRICKIN FUNNY!!!

girlstuff♥ said...

This is a very cute blogg <3

AudyCamp said...

A-dorable... Ok I can totally relate to this. Kaylea (my 3rd grader) is my CHALLENGe...love her to death & then at times I could just scream. --actually I do. Hopefully it's a phase they grow out of.
ANd then I also FIND precious videos on my computer just like these. Faith is so stinkin' cute. Love it! :)

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Heidi said...

so flippin cute!! love love love the videos!!!