Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jaylee's first day of preschool

Last month Jaylee started her first day of her second and last year of preschool. All summer Jaylee could hardly wait to get back to school! She loves it! One of the highlights of my life at the moment is picking her up from school. She is all grins and cant wait to show me what art project she did that day, what snack they had, and what she learned. Every thursday her class has show and tell and I love to let Jaylee pick out what she wants to show and tell. I love to see what she will come up with;) I would give anything to be a fly on the wall why she is presenting her show and tell. Her personality is so timid I wonder what she is like when Im not around. About the pictures....Jaylee loves to have her pictures taken she is such a little poser:)

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Lydia said...

My beautiful grandaughters!!!! Gotta love them. Especially when they sing!