Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jaylee graduates from kindergarten

There were actual real tears shed at this graduation. Seeing my baby up there on those risers and realizing how fast the time is going really was a tear jerker! So proud of Jaylee! We started the year out having to drive Jaylee to school every morning and wait for recess to be over and watch her walk into class. All the while her clinging and crying for me. Then we graduated to her taking her first bus ride and clinging and crying for me for a few weeks at the bus. After a tough first few months we graduated to no more tears in the mornings! However, sweet Faith never was able to go to her own big kid playground for one single morning recess because Jaylee needed her more on the kindergarten playground. Needless to say Faith could hardly wait for Jaylee to graduate to first grade so they could both enjoy the big kid playground together:)

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